Recommended Books

BCDASoCal: Top 40 Counseling and Discipleship Resources

Most of BCDASoCal’s Top Counseling and Discipleship Resources will be available through The Master’s Bookstore at all 3 Fall Conference weekends for you to purchase to supplement your disciple making and biblical counseling ministry.

Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Books (Top 40)

  1. Adams, Jay    Competent to Counsel Biblical Counseling.  Published in 1970, the book that started the biblical counseling movement. Jay Adams challenged the concept of Christian psychology/psychiatry with boldly proclaimed truth about the sufficiency of God’s Word and His grace as the true solution for the life problems of Christians.
  2. Adams, Jay    Theology of Christian Counseling Theology and Counseling.  Jay Adams addresses the topics of counseling with theology.
  3. Adams, Jay    Christian Counselor’s Manual. 475 pages of practical application of Scripture to numerous life and counseling issues. Published in 1973, this book was the first of its kind and still a beneficial resource.
  4. Adams, Jay    Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage [Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage]. Detailed analysis of everything the Bible teaches on each of the three topics. Necessary resource for counseling cases involving marriage, divorce, and remarriage issues.
  5. Adams, Jay    The Christian Counselor’s Commentary Counseling Commentary. Adams’ own translation is featured in this unique series of commentaries (11 Books covering the NT and Proverbs) in which the author relates Bible passages to discipleship and counseling topics.
  6. Adams, Jay   Christ and Your Problems [booklet; 1 Corinthians 10.13]. One of the best first-week homework assignments, this is an accurate, readable, practical exposition of 1 Corinthians 10.13
  7. Berg, Jim     Changed into His Image [Sanctification]. Fine, thorough study on the process of biblical change, including putting the flesh to death, renewing the mind, and becoming like Christ. Useful reproducible study sheets.
  8. Berg, Jim    Created for His Glory [Redemption + its Implications]. Another practical and theologically precise book from the long-time Dean of Students at Bob Jones University. Specific studies and tools for use by “disciple makers” and biblical counselors.
  9. Bevington, Bob    The Great Exchange (with Jerry Bridges) [The Atonement]. The exchange: our sin for His righteousness. This book chronicles the Atonement, one key verse at a time, through Acts + the Epistles. Good theology is vital to good counseling and discipleship.
  10. Bridges, Jerry   Pursuit of Holiness [Discipleship (Beginning)]. One of the top five discipleship books; useful for strengthening the immature believer’s understanding of life’s purpose and how to respond to the truth of God’s Word.
  11. Bridges, Jerry   Respectable Sins [Confront, Overcome Sin]. Top author provides clear book on the despicable nature of sin, the Bible’s methods for overcoming sin, and comments on specific common sins that must be overcome.
  12. Bulkley, Ed    Only God Can Heal the Heart. Landmark 1995 book that weaves a fictional tale of psychology, biblical counseling, real life issues, and some memorable characters with practical teaching on biblical counseling principles.
  13. Fitzpatrick, Elyse    Love to Eat, Hate to Eat [Food, Eating].  A well written, practical, biblical perspective on common struggles with food, the motives behind them, and the biblical solution to these sins.
  14. Friessen, Gerry    Decision Making and the Will of God   [Decision Making]. This extensive book examines the Christian culture’s common unbiblical methods of decision making and the Bible’s teaching on how to choose when no option is commanded by Scripture.
  15. Ganz, Rich    Psychobabble     [Psychology/Psychiatry]. This landmark book is Rich Ganz’s testimony of how he went from secular psychiatrist to Christian to biblical counselor. Now a Pastor, Rich writes clearly and with memorable accounts.
  16. Halla, Jim    Pain: The Plight of Fallen Man    [Pain].  Medical Doctor Jim Halla has written the top book on the Bible’s counsel for those who suffer from severe or unending pain.
  17. Dave Harvey    When Sinners Say “I do”  [Marriage].  Pastor Dave Harvey combines theological truths about anthropology, bibliology, and sanctification with the forum of marriage. The result is practical truth for each stage of marriage.
  18. Laura Hendrickson    Autism Spectrum   [Autism].  Medical Doctor Laura Hendrickson uses God’s Word and the experience of her ministry to her own son to provide an excellent application of Scripture to a specific issue of our time.
  19. Laura Hendrickson    Will Medicine Stop the Pain? (w/Elyse Fitzpatrick) [Pain, Prescription Meds]. Dr. Hendrickson and Elyse Fitzpatrick discuss real life issues: depression, anxiety, emotions and fear. The culture’s solution (prescription medications) is contrasted with God’s sufficient Word.
  20. Wayne Johnston    A Christian Growth and Discipleship Manual (w/ Wayne Mack) [Homework]. Useful studies for discipling and biblical counseling. Each topic is addressed thoroughly. Studies are useful for personal growth, homework assignments, or as resources for topical studies.
  21. John MacArthur    Counseling. Landmark book that addresses counseling theologically (finding the Scriptures as the source for God-honoring counsel) and practically (with Wayne Mack’s “Eight I’s” counseling model).
  22. John MacArthur    Pastoral Ministry. Practical, challenging book for shepherds striving to please the Master by serving the flock.
  23. John MacArthur    Slave. Only two translations render “doulos” as “slave.” Dr. MacArthur unpacks the truth of this word that most NT authors used to describe themselves to point us to biblical views of self and Christ.
  24. John MacArthur    Our Sufficiency in Christ   [Bibliology]. John MacArthur’s 1991 book claiming that the Word of God is sufficient for counseling Christians. A bold contrast of the counsel of Scripture vs. the counsel of our culture.
  25. Wayne Mack    Fear Factor   [Fear]. Thorough book that is vital for developing a biblical view of fear, anxiety, worry, and the solutions of God’s Word for each. Carefully explained examples and application questions.
  26. Wayne Mack    Strengthening Your Marriage    [Marriage]. A thorough collection of Bible studies, data gathering resources, and homework assignments essential for every discipler and biblical counselor.
  27. Wayne Mack    Sweethearts for a Lifetime (with Carol Mack) [Marriage]. Wayne and Carol Mack use the wisdom derived from years of studying God’s Word in regard to marriage to create a practical, useful book with plenty of precise questions and helpful resources.
  28. Wayne Mack    Homework Manual for Biblical Living (volumes 1 and 2) [Homework]. Wayne Mack’s original collection of biblical counseling homework assignments is essential, especially in the unique and practical data gathering, log list, self-rating, and score card creations.
  29. Martha Peace    The Excellent Wife   [Marriage: Wife]. Brilliant and systematic summary of the Scripture’s teachings for the married Christian woman.
  30. David Powlison    Seeing with New Eyes   [Biblical Counseling]. A foundational and sweeping explanation of how the Scriptures address man and counseling.
  31. Lou Priolo    Heart of Anger    [Parenting]. Detailed examination of biblical hamartiology and anthropology in regard to angry children. The book employs real life examples, practical exposition of Scripture, and understandable methods.
  32. Lou Priolo    The Complete Husband    [Marriage: Husband]. Thorough study of the roles and responsibilities of a husband.
  33. Robert Smith    The Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference  [Medical, Physical]. Medical Doctor and NANC Board Member Robert Smith explains the body, medicine, psychotropic drugs, physical versus non-physical problems, depression, fatigue, sexual problems, sleep, and many other current medical issues from God’s Word and the perspective of a physician.
  34. Alexander Strauch    Biblical Eldership   [Church Leadership]. A case for Eldership that reflects the Word of God. Vital for church leaders.
  35. Paul David Tripp    War of Words  [Communication]. Solid, useful book addressing communication from God’s Word.
  36. Paul David Tripp    Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands [Biblical Counseling]. Love, Know, Speak, Do. This is the author’s format for biblical counseling and discipleship. A person to person ministry can be enhanced by understanding the biblical principles of this book.
  37. Paul David Tripp    Age of Opportunity [Parenting Teens]. Useful writing about how the Bible addresses common family conflicts and teen problems.
  38. Ed Wheat    Intended for Pleasure (with Gaye Wheat) [Sex]. Practical, useful, direct, and beneficial explanation of sexual relations physically and in regard to the theology of the Bible. Ed Wheat is a Medical Doctor and Biblical Counselor.
  39. Don Whitney    Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life   [Discipleship]. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor Don Whitney provides fine instruction for ten biblical disciplines taught in God’s Word (we disagree on Chapter 9). A must for disciplers.
  40. Jay Younts    Everyday Talk  [Parenting]. The rare book that addresses Christian parenting with a real, understandable balance of all the tools God gives parents to communicate with, love, teach, and train their children. A good read.