Multiple levels of training are available to you and your ministry.

BCDA will host a 30 Hour Training Conference on 3 separate weekends.    [No homework required]

BCDA will host an Advanced Training Class for those who want even more in-depth instruction, interaction and discussion.   [Homework is optional)]

Our ministry partner, The Master’s College offers a degree in Biblical Counseling at both the bachelor and master’s level.

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors also provides a structured process for equipping counselors to become certified biblical counselors, which includes the instruction from our initial 30 Hour Training Conference



“BCDA introduced me to biblical counseling in a practical and accessible way using a curriculum designed to help us understand what the Bible has to say about difficult issues. I realized that you don’t have to be formally trained in a university setting to be equipped in counseling and discipling others — it can and should by done by every Christian for the encouragement and growth of the church body through wisdom from the Word of God, and BCDA trained me to do just that.”

—Christine Lu Terasaki


“Thank you for showing how God’s Word applies to all of our life struggles and how to minister it to others including how to get past surface sins to deep issues in the heart. I loved that the same training that is given pastors at a seminary is offered in a condensed and affordable format for lay leaders. My wife attended with me and this training helps us to now minister together in counseling others not just in our local body, but also as an outreach ministry. Your training helped make this possible. Thank you!”

—Jay McBee


“Every Christian should take this class – whether you think you will ever become a biblical counselor or not, it will raise your understanding and obedience to the Scriptures to a whole new level. We are all called on to help each other in the body of Christ, and this is the best, most effective way to learn how to do that.”

—Sherie Huffman