BCDA Annual Conferences

Basic Conference

Thirty Topics Foundational to Biblical Counseling, Including:

What is Biblical Counseling? Communication in Marriage
Communication in Marriage Husband’s Role in Marriage
Progressive Sanctification Wife’s Role in Marriage
Discerning Problems Biblically Biblical Sexuality
Anger Process of Biblical Change
Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling Getting to Heart Issues
Fear-Worry Dealing with Sin Biblically
Forgiveness Trials and Suffering
Hope Parental Instruction
Depression Parental Discipline

What do you do when you are struggling with a particular life issue?

How can you help other Christians who are under the burden of difficult circumstances? What do you say to a friend a church who can’t seem to overcome a particular sin?

The solutions to these and other common life problems are found in God’s Word [2 Timothy 3.16-17]. The BCDASoCal Beginning Conference presents practical teaching of the Scriptures by top pastors and professors to help equip you for ministry to other believers and to strengthen you for your own growth in sanctification.

Would your life and your ministry to others be strengthened if you better understood the truths of the Bible in regard to these matters? Would you like to have a list of resources for further study and for helping others in regard to these topics? Do you desire to hear God’s Word taught by men who have successfully counseled from the Scriptures for many years? Would your friends from church also enjoy this conference?

If so, please join us for an upcoming BCDASoCal Conference!

Advanced Class

This class is for those who are actively involved in biblical counseling and discipleship and have already completed formal training in biblical counseling, whether at the BCDASoCal Basic Conference or its equivalent elsewhere. The purpose is to go deeper into the study of select topics involved in biblical counseling.

This interactive class includes classroom instruction, reading, research, online discussions, Q/A with instructors, and group projects. For some sessions, men and women will meet separately for gender specific topics taught by qualified men and women.

Advanced Class students will work on various assignments before and after the Saturday Classes in September, October, and November. Typical students can finish the work outside the classroom in 3-5 hours per week. The complete set of books required for the course cost less than $100 and one set of books may be shared by couples or friends.

Quotes from students in the 2012 BCDASoCal Spring Class:

“BCDA introduced me to biblical counseling in a practical and accessible way using a curriculum designed to help us understand what the Bible has to say about difficult issues. I realized that you don’t have to be formally trained in a university setting to be equipped in counseling and discipling others — it can and should by done by every Christian for the encouragement and growth of the church body through wisdom from the Word of God, and BCDA trained me to do just that.”

—Christine Lu Terasaki

“Thank you for showing how God’s Word applies to all of our life struggles and how to minister it to others including how to get past surface sins to deep issues in the heart. I loved that the same training that is given pastors at a seminary is offered in a condensed and affordable format for lay leaders. My wife attended with me and this training helps us to now minister together in counseling others not just in our local body, but also as an outreach ministry. Your training helped make this possible. Thank you!”

—Jay McBee

“Every Christian should take this class – whether you think you will ever become a biblical counselor or not, it will raise your understanding and obedience to the Scriptures to a whole new level. We are all called on to help each other in the body of Christ, and this is the best, most effective way to learn how to do that.”

—Sherie Huffman

Basic Conference Presented in Spanish

BCDASoCal will not present a Biblical Counseling Conference in Spanish in 2014.