Basic Conference

This conference is for those who have not had any formal training in the field of biblical counseling or are desiring to increase the training they have already received. Attendees will be equipped with an understanding of how to effectively counsel and disciple individuals from the Scriptures. This approach to the importance of the Scriptures in counseling and discipleship stems from the belief that the Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and as a result are authoritative and sufficient for counseling and discipling individuals. Some topics that will be addressed are given below.

Thirty Topics Foundational to Biblical Counseling


What is Biblical Counseling? The Purpose of Marriage
Purpose of Biblical Counseling Communication in Marriage
What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical? Husband’s Role in Marriage
Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor Wife’s Role in Marriage
Secular & Integration Theories Biblical Sexuality
Gathering Data/Discerning Problems Biblically Sexual Sin
Discerning Problems Biblically Goal of Parenting
Process of Biblical Change Parental Instruction
Progressive Sanctification Parental Discipline
Psychotropic Drugs & Biblical Counseling Dealing with Sin Biblically
Physical Illness & Biblical Counseling Getting to Heart Issues
Involvement/Instruction/Homework A Biblical Cure for Anxiety
Anger Forgiveness
Hope Fear/Worry
Depression Trials & Suffering