Conference Speakers – Spanish

Basic Conference Presented in Spanish

BCDASoCal presented a Basic Conference in Spanish in 2012. We plan to hold a Basic Conference in Spanish again in 2015.
2012 Conference Speakers:
Material Translated By:


John Del Frate

John Del Frate serves as a deacon at Valley Bible Church in Lancaster, CA. He first came to the Antelope Valley in 1979 as a college student in NASA’s co-op program. While he was in Lancaster, one of his friends from school showed him the “bridge illustration” to explain why Jesus died on the cross for his sins. John, who was raised as a Roman Catholic, had never understood the concept until that moment. A few months later, he began to follow Jesus Christ. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and eventually landed a job at NASA, where he manages solar aircraft projects, and settled down in the AV in 1983. As a Spanish speaker, he has led Bible studies in that language, ministered to Spanish-speaking inmates at the Tehachapi State Prison, and served as a translator on several VBC trips to Mexicali. John has also led a growth group for more than 12 years. He and his wife, Catherine, have five children, Andrea, Mario, Aleanna, Angelina, and Kodey. They enjoy camping, fishing, and watching videos together.

Moses Estrada

Moses moved to the Antelope Valley when he was eleven. He became a follower of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ during High School. He left California to attend college and achieved a Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministries. He returned to the AV in 2004 to attend the Master’s Seminary where he graduated in May 2009 with a Masters of Divinity. He has been a member of Roosevelt Community Church since Fall 2007, became the Assistant Pastor in June 2009, and became the Associate Pastor and elder in February 2011. He is married to his college sweetheart, Joy. They have 4 young children: Eden, Malachi, Silas and Zion.

Mauricio Rivas

Mauricio serves as a deacon at Valley Bible Church in Lancaster, CA. Born in El Salvador, he moved to Los Angeles with his family at age 11. Mauricio accepted Christ after his father passed away in 1989. He first arrived in the Antelope Valley in 1990, stayed for about five months, then made a permanent move to the area in 1992. It was during those initial five months that he first visited Valley Bible Church, later becoming involved in the college and career groups. Mauricio spent two years studying at the Logos Bible Institute of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles. Mauricio heads up the Spanish ministry and Mexico missions ministry at VBC. He is also a certified teacher trainer in the Evangelism Explosion program. He has obtained both a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (1991) and a M.S. in Systems Architecture and Engineering (2000) from USC. Mauricio is employed as a project manager for NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and has been married to Katie since 1999. In his spare time, he likes watching USC football.