The Master’s College

Master’s in Biblical Counseling

Recognized by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling will teach you how to understand and apply God’s Word with skill, integrity, authority, and compassion. This Biblical Counseling program equips pastors, teachers, missionaries, elders, deacons, youth pastors, chaplains, college administrators, Christian business owners and employees, guidance counselors, and people who work with children’s homes, the elderly, rescue missions, homeless shelters, crisis pregnancy centers, and crisis hot lines.

Despite the abundance of opportunities for graduates of the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling the program is not structured to meet state requirements for licensing. Practical counseling experience is gained outside the classroom through participation in counseling sessions and by working in a counseling capacity within churches and other Christian organizations. Class work and outside assignments will empower you to implement your knowledge and skills immediately. The program offers a 35-semester hour track with thesis, and a 40-semester hour track without thesis, both of which lead to a fully accredited degree.

At The Master’s College, we believe the Holy Scripture is true and complete and should serve as the authoritative standard for the counseling of all soul problems. The popular and effective Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree prepares students from diverse backgrounds to provide practical, straight-forward counseling that is Christ-centered, salvation-centered, church-centered, and Bible-centered. Dr. John MacArthur states, “The program is built upon a foundation of sound doctrine and theology. The teaching, training, and classroom interaction bring clarity and fresh Biblical insight to the practical issues of today. This program will enrich your ministry and your life. I recommend it to anyone desiring to serve within the church of Jesus Christ.”

The MABC program emphasizes practice through courses that combine applied counseling skills with the solid biblical foundation on which these skills are based. Actual counseling experience is gained outside the classroom through participation in counseling sessions as a counselor and a counselee, as well as through working in a counseling capacity with churches and other Christian organizations.

Class work and outside assignments are designed to give you the ability to implement your knowledge and skills immediately, not only in your own personal life, but also in ministry.

Contact Information:

The Master’s College
Biblical Counseling Dept. Box #50
P: 800.568.6248 x3031 F: 661.253.0783

Joshua Clutterham
Director of Graduate Studies
P: 800.568.6248 x3030

Shelbi Cullen
Biblical Counseling Department
P: 800.568.6248 x3392

Application Requirements

The following documents must be submitted in order to apply to The Master’s College:

  1. Completed Application for Graduate Admission accompanied by the $35 application fee
  2. Official transcripts from the colleges and university you graduated from
  3. Personal recommendation forms (provided with Application)
  4. Statement of Deacon/Deaconess qualification by church pastoral staff

Application Deadlines

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College holds three application deadlines, one for each term of study. There are separate application deadlines for the Fall, Spring, and Summer (SIP) terms. The application fee for each is $35.

Semester Deadline

  • Fall July 1st
  • Spring December 1st
  • Summer (SIP) January 15th

Transfer Credits

Units from other institutions are generally not accepted for transfer due to the unique content and nature of the Biblical Counseling courses. However, some courses from other theological institutions may transfer with minimal additional coursework. Applicants will need to contact the Biblical Counseling office directly to determine the possibilities.

International Students

The Master’s College is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Students from abroad are welcome, provided they meet the admission requirements of the college. While all classroom instruction is conducted in English, the administration, faculty and staff attempt to be sensitive to the needs of our international students. As foreign students’ legal needs are different from those of U.S. citizens, there are additional requirements. Foreign students are urged to contact the enrollment counselor for the MABC to obtain the appropriate information.

Financial Information

Resident Program Payment Options

Payment in Full

All tuition and course fees are due July 10th for the Fall and December 10th for the Spring semesters. If payments are received after the respective dates a $25 late payment fee will be added. All Post Session and Winterim charges are due at the time of registration for the courses. For the regular semesters, the following option is also available at a fee for $75 per semester in lieu of making payment in full.

5-Month Plan

The semester cost of tuition will be divided into five (5) monthly payments. Payments begin July 10 prior to the Fall semester and December 10 prior to the Spring semester. Students must select the 5 month payment plan on their semester registration form. A $75 per semester fee will apply for this plan, although no interest will be charged. A $25 late fee for payments not received within a 5-day grace period may also apply.

Percentage of Tuition Refunded

  • No attendance and during first week 100%
  • During second week 90%
  • During third week 75%
  • During fourth week 60%
  • During fifth week 45%
  • During sixth week 30%
  • During seventh week 15%
  • During eighth week 5%
  • Ninth week and later none


Course and lab fees are fully refundable if the student drops the course during the first two weeks of class following registration. These fees are not refundable after this point.

SIP Program Payment Options

Payment in Full

Tuition charges, textbook charges, and the housing and meal plan charges are due when the registration forms are mailed in. However, the student does have the option to choose the 50/50 payment plan.

50/50 Payment Plan

The 50/50 payment plan allows payment of only 50% of the tuition charges, housing and meal plan charges at the time of registration. The remaining 50% of charges will be paid at the time of on-campus check-in. There is a $75 Payment Plan Fee for using this option. The calculation of these charges are arranged on the MABC-SIP Registration Form. All general and academic fees must be paid in full with the first payment and are not deferrable to the payment plan.

Independent Studies format course tuition and book order costs must be paid for in full at the time of registration.

Refund Policy

The $75 payment plan fee (if applicable) is non-refundable. Tuition costs are 90% refundable if students withdraw before May 15, 2009. Withdrawal after May 15 but before SIP classes are insession will result in a 50% refund. 0% will be refunded if students withdrawal during or after SIP classes are in-session.

Independent Study courses are non-refundable. If a student registers for an Independent Study course and drops it at any time, 0% will be refunded.

Housing and meals are 100% refundable if cancelled before June 1, 2009. After the 1st of June housing and meals are non refundable (0%).