What is BCDASoCal?

What is the Vision of BCDASoCal?

  • Serve local churches that desire the benefits of ACBC Certified Counselor Training for their pastoral staff and lay leaders.
  • Assist church leaders in establishing church-based Biblical Counseling Centers with the result that every person in Southern California is within a 15 minute drive from a well-trained Biblical Counselor.

The Purposes of the Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Association of Southern California:

  • Low Cost Training/Church-based Counseling Centers: To provide quality biblical counselor training at low cost to like-minded church leaders and church members for the purpose of equipping them to supply pro bono effective counseling from the Scriptures to their fellow church members and community.
  • Discipleship: To equip Christians for more effective person-to-person discipleship.
  • Progressive Sanctification: To provide practical applications of the Bible’s truths to benefit students in their personal quest for growth in sanctification.
  • Accurate Handling of Scripture: To use the eternal and inspired Scriptures as the sole source of authoritative truth and instruction to accomplish the just stated purposes.
  • Sufficiency of Scripture: To promote the sufficiency of God’s Word as the sole source for authoritative and accurate counsel to Christians regarding life issues and non-physical problems.
  • Advanced Training: To promote the ministries of The Master’s College and Seminary for further training in counseling and discipleship.