Lay Leader

Why should a small group leader attend the BCDASoCal Fall Conference?

As a small group leader or one-on-one discipler, have you found yourself not feeling confident as to how to counsel a struggling Christian when they have candidly revealed sinful and destructive patterns in their lives? Are you unsure how to use Scripture to address their beliefs, desires, and attitudes, and to lead them through the process of sanctification—effectively replacing sin with righteousness, so as to become more Christ-like?

Are you sometimes unsure which truth from Scripture disciplees need to know or what biblical processes they should go through to help them appropriate life-changing truths from God’s Word into their lives with the help and power of the Holy Spirit?

When Christians under your care are involved in or affected by drug or sexual sins, homosexuality, divorce, abuse, and rebellious children, do you sometimes want to quickly refer them to other church leaders whom you believed were more qualified to help, rather than continuing the discipleship process with them yourself?

Do you desire a more substantial understanding of how God’s Word and the truths of theology address the issues of our time?

Would you benefit from teaching by experienced Biblical Counselors, who have effectively counseled Christians from the Word of God and found it to indeed be sufficient to equip believers for every good work and to enable brothers and sister to overcome any type of sin?

If this describes you and your desire to become equipped with the knowledge and skills that will assist you to effectively partner with the Spirit to teach disciples the transforming truths of Scripture, so they can progressively become more obedient to God and better emulate Christ in all their thoughts, passions, and behavior, then the BCDASoCal Fall Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Conference is for you

Plan to attend yourself and challenge your apprentice to come with you, so this conference can assist you in your objective to train faithful men and women who will bear fruit, reproduce, and help fulfill the Great Commission.