Why should a pastor/elder attend the BCDA/SoCal Fall Conference?

As a church leader have you desired that all of your small group leaders, including those in your Men’s, Women’s, Singles, College and Youth ministries had the knowledge and skills to handle biblically those issues/crises that naturally arise in the discipleship process?

Would you like your lay leadership to be able to walk their disciples through Scripture to show them how the Gospel, God’s teaching, and God’s promises have already addressed their struggle with sin or gives comfort, perspective, and hope during a difficult trial?

Would you like for the Elders and staff of your church to have more time to train and equip the body for the work of service, rather than be overwhelmed with a large counseling load that may feel like they are simply “putting out fires”?

Would you like to have the confidence that all of your future Elders would know how to not only teach the Word effectively, but apply it wisely to the various circumstances that your church members will face in a fallen world?

Would you like to have leadership so capable of biblical counseling and discipleship that you rarely or never needed to refer your member’s concerns to an “outside source”?

Would you like a low cost multi-track annual training conference, with a schedule that accommodates working men and women, where your key leaders can receive from seasoned pastors, professors, counselors and disciple makers practical college-level training on how to use Scripture to counsel and disciple?

Would you benefit from a conference where small group leaders learn new skills each year, while their apprentices learn the basic material, so that your church can multiply its trained leaders?

Would you like to create a Biblical Counseling Center at your church equipped with many trained counselors, so that you can not only care for the needs of your congregation, but also offer free counseling services to your community and expose them to the truth of the Gospel and of God’s sufficient Word?

If the above are the desires of your heart for the staff and lay leadership of your church, then the ministry of the newly formed Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Association of Southern California (BCDASoCal) may be very beneficial to assist you in accomplishing these ministry goals.

Our goal is Training the Church to Counsel and Disciple using Scripture.